What is MATS?

Our solution is the most cost-effective way of locomotor behavior monitoring. We can benefit researchers working in circadian biology, neurodegeneration, metabolism etc. The system is robust and  easy to use. Animals are exposed to enriched environment which increases their health status as well as social and cognitive functions. At the same time the measurements of activity during the day provide the phenotypic monitoring of the mice.

Analysis of voluntary activity provides a more natural way of locomotor phenotype assessment.

Get Started!

The fastest way to get started is go through the MATS web-interface and check all functions.

Choose quantity of wheels and make an order, we will send you disassemble wheels and you have to assemble it using only screw, no gluing.

There' s a support to talk to if you're looking for ideas or run into trouble getting up andrunning.

We provide:
Component for assembling
No gluing
Web interface for analysis:
Circadian rhythms
Statistical analysis
Monthly Paid
5$ / wheel
60$ / wheel per year
Annually Paid
3.5$ / wheel
42$ / wheel per year